A look into Francesco's nursery...

Francesco's Nursery.JPG

Soo it's been a while since I've sat down and blogged. I've been focusing on my family now that tax season is over. When I started this blog, there were so many things I wanted to write about (and even started writing about) but have been so delayed in editing and posting. So with the long Memorial Day weekend, I finally had some room to breathe and get back to writing.

One of the things I hoped to share was Francesco's nursery. This room is so special to us and probably the most utilized and loved room in our house! As with any room, it takes a while to create the perfect look and feel. For us, the theme instantly clicked as we started baby shopping. We saw a stuffed animal lamb at Pottery Barn Kids and loved the idea of a sleepy time theme with stars, moons, sheep to count, etc. It feels so warm, cozy and peaceful in his room (when the toys are cleaned up and organized).

Our house has a lot of neutrals & clean lines going on (yes-- the all white walls are a voluntary choice), we love having everything seem open and airy. I wanted to make sure his room followed our color scheme and flowed with the house. It was also important for us to find solid, affordable and gender neutral furniture. I knew we were having a boy but I wanted to be able to use it for baby #2. 

Francesco's nursery turned out just as I envisioned. As he grows in and out of toys, I have plenty of room to move things around and box things up (I could cry because they grow out of things way too fast). But anyways, I'll go through a few of the main pieces we have and why we chose them:


We 100% knew we wanted a convertible crib. A convertible crib is one that can go from crib to toddler bed to full size bed. We first agreed on a white set at Pottery Barn Kids but it seemed a little overpriced.

We ended up going to a local baby furniture store and saw so many options that we loved! We managed to get the crib, dresser, changing topper, mattress, nightstand, all crib conversion pieces, delivery and installation for under $1,500. It's always good to support your local stores, and I'm so glad we did! I was blown away that all our dresser drawers had slow close and were on a track vs. PBK which did not. For the price and quality, I couldn't justify going designer. The furniture we ended up with is solid wood and heavy to minimize the worry of it tipping.

I'm a HUGE fan of getting furniture on Black Friday, so that was when we purchased it all to get extra discounts. If you are able to coordinate purchasing on a holiday, the deals usually bring the prices down a notch.



I wanted a super slim rocking chair that reclined and didn't have a separate pedestal for your feet. It also had to be comfy enough for late night feedings but not so large it took up half the room. I managed to find one at Buy Buy Baby that was perfect. Again, we purchased it on Black Friday and got it for under $300!  The brand is Abbyson Living and it's still structured and just as comfy today as it was when I first got it! I feel I should mention that we had to have 3 repairmen come to fix it (under warranty) because the lever gets stuck easily and it has difficulty reclining. But in the end it was worth it though because I really do love the chair!

For anyone who is questioning whether or not to get a pricey rocking chair, I personally am glad we did not go that route. Honestly, we don't use it that much to justify a hefty price tag. Don't get me wrong, we love having it in the room, but short of night feedings in the very beginning, we aren't in it THAT much. Once the baby is up and moving, you'll be on the floor playing with them! 


Our bookcase was from Target. I would have loved to order from the same store as our furniture but they only had vertical bookcases to match and we really wanted horizontal so the TV could go above it. We needed something PURE white to match his set which was actually difficult to find! I had ordered a bookcase before this one (also from Target) and when Frank went to assemble it, it was ivory (even though it was called white). Moral of the story-- be cautious when purchasing online and mixing different brands of furniture! We had to take that back and ended up with the one we have which worked out better for us in the end because it had more dividers on it. It's definitely flimsy compared to our other furniture so we anchored it to the wall, which is 100% necessary.   

Sidenote: We did decide to put a TV in his room and have liked that option. I know a lot of people are against TVs in the nursery but we have found it super helpful. He loves music and dancing so we just limit and control what he watches to make sure it's educational and baby appropriate.



Bedding is from our Pottery Barn Kids registry and I have to say, they have the best bedding. Their themes are adorable, the stuffed animals, blankets, mobiles and etc. are just so elegant, cute & fun. At first we opted for the full set- crib sheets, pillows, mobile, skirt, quilt and bumper. We returned the bumper because there's a lot of research out there showing suffocation was possible and Francesco did like roll to his belly and back a lot. And honestly, I like the look without it better. When we created our registery, everything seems necessary and the store tells you to get  2-4 of everything (sheets, blankets, mattress pads, changing pads, etc.) but it all depends on the baby and what stage they are in. Don't stress too much about getting more than 2 of anything until you see how it's going.

Another thing about PBK is that they put things on sale ALL the time. You don't have to pay full price for anything. And monogramming adds a hefty fee to everything so skip that when possible. We didn't want his name plastered all over the room but we did get a few things that were monogrammed and love having those few touches! We kept it to a minimum so that our next baby can use everything.



Most of the little details were from Home Goods, which is dangerously walking distance from our house. In the corner of his room we have switched out toys according to his age. First we kept his swing there, then his jumperoo and now he has a ball pit which he LOVES! Not sure what we will get next but he seems to get so many toys that we need more room to put them! He truly loves and plays with everything in his room and is so content being in there. 


And that's a little look into Francesco's nursery! Sharing a few more pictures below, including one from the first day we brought our sweet baby home from the hospital and put him in the crib. He now looks so big in it, I miss him being so little!