LDW 2019


Happy Tuesday! I hope that everyone had a relaxing Labor Day weekend and is feeling refreshed for the week ahead. For me, the weekend flew by because I’m majorly jet lagged and spent so much of the weekend on an odd sleep pattern but I’m ready to resume my normal schedule now that I’m back from vacation.

Back from Vacation

For those who don’t know, my son and I went to Sicily for 2 weeks along with my family. I was extremely nervous to fly with my 2 year old and without my husband, but wanted to push through because it’s been 4 years since I’ve been out there to see family & all my favorite places. I grew up going to Sicily every other year for about a month at a time. I’ve spent half of my birthdays out there, taken my first steps out there, and our house out there is the only connection I have to my grandmother that passed away before I was born. It's a special place. My husband couldn’t get off of work and he/I didn’t want that to stop me from going to a place I love so much and I really wanted to start making memories there with Francesco. Since the terrible twos are here so I was nervous but to my surprise, he did pretty good. Per usual, I’ll do a more in depth post about the trip once I can get all my photos uploaded and etc. but wanted to at least share a little bit because I’ve been silent for a while.

Labor Day Weekend

So this weekend was nice to catch up and be reunited as a family of 3. Aside from re-adjusting our sleep schedule, we did a lot of furniture shopping! It’s been on our agenda to get a new master bedroom set and I’m so excited that we finally are upgrading to MATCHING furniture and a KING size bed. A lot of my furniture is mixed from my 1st apartment and 1st house and we just kind of fit things where we could. Our master bedroom has been a hodge podge. Plus Frank is pretty tall and I’m kind of a blanket hog so a little more space will be really nice to have.

Holiday weekends are always a great time to shop for home stuff as prices are usually on sale. We went shopping in store first but ultimately ended up purchasing a lot online, except for our mattress. For those who don't know, LDW is like the super bowl for mattress sales. Their deals for the weekend are supposedly better than even Black Friday so we did a lot of shopping! We are getting one of those fancy mattresses with an adjustable base. So much time is spent laying in bed, we decided to make this in investment in our health.

I can’t wait to get everything over the next week weeks and put our new room together. I’ll share photos and links to everything that I can once it’s all done.

My Outfit

Outside of that, we went to a baptism this weekend and got to eat at a new restaurant in town that was pretty delish! It was a fun family weekend. But I wanted to share my outfit. It’s been a favorite of mine for over a year now, I wear it wherever I can! This white lace Cooper St dress that fits like a glove, is so figure flattering and feminine. It’s sold out because it’s old, I found it on super clearance at Last Chance, but I’m linking some other white dresses that I love. I paired it with my nude Louboutin Simple Pump, which are the best shoe to accent and elongate the leg and is just the most classic shoe, IMO. But the best part of my outfit was the purse that my cousins in Italy got me for my birthday. I first was introduced to the Liu Jo brand by my best friend, who bought me a purse for my birthday a few years ago and it’s a favorite of mine to wear! Now I'm happy to have another bag from this brand in my collection and I LOVE that it’s a gorgeous blue and structured bag, something I did not have in my closet previously. Linking similar choices below.

Now onto conquer the week. We have our 2nd set of tax deadlines coming up and so I’ll be running around playing catch up for the next few weeks. Plus it’s a big week for Francesco because he starts daycare/early pre-school this week! I’m so excited for him to be with other kids and a more “structured” learning environment. He’s just growing up so fast that it makes me tear up a bit. But he’s pretty independent so I have a feeling he’ll handle the transition just fine and will love it.

And that’s a wrap for now, I think I’ve rambled on about enough. If you followed along until the end, thanks :)

Hope you have a great week!



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