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Happy August!

It's officially my favorite month of the year… And not just because it's my birthday month! There are so many fun things to do this time of year and so many people to celebrate in my family. We have a lot of August birthdays so the month is always packed with family fun.


This weekend we went to an Italian Fest near our house.We got to enjoy some some good food, music and Francesco got to go to his first circus! It was 100 degrees but we still managed to have fun.

This outfit was so perfect, and one of my favorites! I wore another J Crew tee that I picked up on sale a while back. Paired it with red shorts, red lips & my vintage Gucci clutch to pull it all together.

Buying a new designer purse is great, but I so cherish a vintage piece, too! Even if they are a little beat up, you can always try to restore them with LeatherSpa or somewhere else that is reputable to designer bags. I’ve been meaning to send my blue clutch to the spa, but haven’t gotten around to it. She’s still one of my favorite bags to pull out and wear.

My tee is now sold out (& so are all the gelato ones I shared earlier this summer) but I’m linking a bunch of other things that are perfect for an Italian fest. I know there are a few more coming up in our area.

And now I’m ready to enjoy the rest of the month as we have a lot of fun things ahead.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! Time to get the week started…




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