4th of July Weekend 2019

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It was a “long weekend” and felt so good to have some family time. The only downside? We’ve all been sick with awful colds.

But before getting sick, this weekend was filled with a few “firsts” for Francesco so I wanted to share. We started the 4th out by bringing him to the pool and he had a blast. Wanted to be in the water the whole time, not even at the kiddie play area, he liked the actual pool end where he could make big splashes and kick around. We also got him on the lazy river and that was so fun (and a break for Mamma).

After that we enjoyed some family time with my in laws. Francesco became a big cousin 2 months ago so it's always special to get him together with his baby cousin! They will be spending 2 days a week together from now on and I hope him and baby Violet enjoy being together.

We also brought Francesco to a carnival that was down the street from my in-laws house. He was kind of into the games, more into picking out the winning prizes. He also got to witness Mamma’s impressive game skills (jk- but I did win at a kinda hard wiffle ball game). But what he really loved were the rides! I took him on a few rides when we were at Disney and he loved them. I wasn’t sure how he would do on the fun slide or the merry-go-round but he wanted to ride them repeatedly! His smile was from ear to ear except for when we tried to take photos, of course.

On Friday after work, we brought Francesco to see his first movie at the theater. We asked him if he wanted to see Toy Story 4 or Secret Life of Pets and shockingly, he chose Pets. He was semi loud, which makes sense because he doesn’t really sit still when we watch movies at home. He also seemed to get a bit more emotional watching things on the big screen. We had to keep passing him back and forth and begging him to sit still and quiet, but it didn’t work too well. He took a little break outside of the theater with Frank about halfway through and then came back in. It wasn’t the worst experience, but we’ll definitely have to work up to our next visit. The movie was SO cute though.

After that, a day of laying in bed to help get through this cold were just what we needed. On Sunday morning we brought Francesco for his 1st swim lesson! I signed him up for a program at Bear Paddle Swim School and I was pretty impressed with how he did. He’s never been in a setting where he’s had to follow an instructor so he’s used to doing his own thing. I’m excited to have him taking these classes to get comfortable in the water, swim, teach us about pool safety, have him be around other kids, and listening to instructions. I’m thinking this might even help him for when he starts early pre-school at daycare this fall.

The best thing of all about the weekend was that Francesco kept telling us he was having fun and that he loved the pool. It melted my heart to see him so happy. He’s definitely a high energy little boy who loves to laugh and play, but he’s also so sweet. I’m a proud Mamma and live for these types of moments with him. So many fun first experiences to go through with him and I love to document them here so thanks for following along!

Hope the week is starting off great for everyone! I am still trying to shake this cold, hoping I’m back to normal soon.

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