Never Grow Up!


I don’t know how the weeks keep passing by and I'm still barely able to catch up on posting. I wrote this one a while ago, as Francesco turned 2 in March!

We had a delayed birthday celebration for Francesco and the theme was Peter Pan. I never got around to sharing about his Ferrari 1st birthday, so I told myself I would be better this year about posting (but apparently that much better since he's almost 2.5 now).


When we went to Disney, they had just redone the Peter Pan ride so that you walk through the house and nursery while waiting in line, and he loved every minute of it! He was so excited to ride it, he peed and soaked his whole outfit. So for Christmas, Santa brought Francesco a kids DVD player and the Peter Pan DVD since Disney had released it from their vault. I figured it would be more for my enjoyment but Francesco LOVES the movie. He knows how to put it on in the background while he plays and truly loves the movie (still). So I thought this would be the perfect theme for his party!


I made all of the invitations myself and most of the decor as well. I didn’t have as much time as I wanted to do ALL the decor ideas I had, but I did put my Cricut to good use to make what I could. My brother-in-law brought the prettiest green and blue spotlights to put around our house. That plus the balloons really helped transform the house.


As for food, I was planning to just cater, and I did a little bit. But the great thing about at home family parties is that I got lots of help from family with the food and drinks. So thankful for my mom making most of the food! My aunt, mother-in-law and everyone else who brought dishes to help us out were also a big help. And of course… One of my favorite parts is always the cake. Shout out to Chicago Pastry for making us the prettiest cake with my favorite (I mean Francesco's favorite) Nutella cream filling inside. Since we were just doing a small family party, I had specifically asked for a flat sheet cake and buttercream frosting (I’m not the biggest fan of fondant). They worked with my theme and designed it so well! If you live in the Chicagoland area, I highly recommend checking them out.

The party

The day flew by and just like his 1st birthday party, I barely took any pictures. Oy… I’m starting to understand why people hire photographers for family parties. I'm super thankful for whomever picked up my camera and started taking pictures for us.

Overall, it was really fun to see all of it come together and share the day with family and friends. It was also nice celebrating his birthday in our new home, a few of our guests hadn’t seen it yet and our open floor layout really allowed for us to have enough space for everyone to enjoy! Francesco is really starting to understand what birthday parties are (he asks to have one every once in a while) so I think the day was also very special for him, and that all this mamma could want!

Thank you to all of our family and friends who helped us celebrate.

Sharing some pictures from the celebration below.

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