Birdies & Blues


Happy Hump Day! Jumping on quickly to share a few things.

The other weekend, I was treasure hunting (aka. shopping) at Last Chance and spotted a pair of leopard Birdies from a mile away and prayed they were my size. They were! I’ve been eyeing these shoes for a while and almost pulled the trigger multiple times because the reviews on them are so great. The only thing I was hesitant on was spending $140 on something I’ve never tried on before (flats usually kill my feet, I need a heel). Birdies are marketed as super comfortable slippers that are chic enough to wear out. And honestly, that’s a perfect description of what they are. They’re so flattering and cushioned, it’s rare that I can wear a flat shoe for a full day and these gave me zero issues after 12+ hours! The brand was put on the radar by Meghan Markle and once had a 10,000 person waiting list to get them. I can honestly say now I know why, because I’d love them in multiple colors and styles, even at the full price tag. If you’re a working Mamma, these are a great investment! Goodbye Tory Burch flats that give me pain when I wear them!

And if you don’t know what Last Chance is, it’s a rare and magical store that Nordstrom sends all of their “unsellable” items to. Either they have too many of them, are switching out displays, have discounted them more than they wanted, or have taken back returns that can’t be sold in store, etc. Obviously Nordstrom has one of the best return policies ever, I tend to support them more than any other store. But going to Last Chance is fun because you can sometimes find items in perfect condition (ie. these shoes) but get them for a fraction of the price. Birdies typically range from $120-140 and I got them for $30 in brand new condition! Every once in a while, I get lucky with a deal like that so I had to share.

Francesco was also excited to sport some new shoes yesterday! When you become a parent, everyone tells you that kids grow so fast. What they don’t tell you is literally one day their clothes fit and suddenly, they grow overnight and everything is snug on them. That’s been our week. Luckily, I buy shoes in larger sizes as I get coupons or find good deals. DSW has had these Puma’s on sale so I picked them up a few weeks ago and Francesco’s been dying to wear them! Every morning he wakes up and looks in the shoe box to see if I’ll let him wear them. I think he had a permanent smile on his face yesterday because now these fit him perfectly. He even modeled for a few photos, which is RARE.

And most importantly, I wanted to say thanks for following along. It’s been hard to post regularly so I appreciate the love and support. Hope everyone has a good rest of the week! :)


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