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Hi All!

Today I’m sharing a few things I’ve been loving lately. Most of them are beauty items and Sephora is currently having their VIB sale. Some of these are included in the sale so I highly recommend stocking up! The rest are just random things that I happen to love and helped me stay happy through the long hours of tax season. These are all definitely worthy of a special post.

Isle of Paradise Tanning Water

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Living in Chicago and working a ton of extra hours can give anyone the winter blues. But what bothers me more is being pale! I’m actually pretty bad at applying self tanner, but have finally found one I’m able to use. This self tanner gives a good golden glow, doesn’t streak super easily, doesn’t have a strong smell, is free of harsh chemicals, is filled with lots of essential oils, and takes only FOUR hours to kick in. It’s a game changer for me indeed! I bought the medium shade, which at first I thought was too dark but now know that’s because I sprayed myself way too much on the 1st application. These are made to be buildable so start out light and go from there. I’ve learned to apply it every 3-4 days and sometimes I’ll do just my arms and upper body and alternate doing my full body.

I use a lot of lotion to conserve my tan, especially because it’s currently sold out and I’m running low. It should come back in stock, so I have linked it here. They also have a mousse version and drops. I’ve been wanting to try both since I love the water so much.

Color Street Nails

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I’ve never been a fan of going to the nail salon because A—who has the time and B— who has the money to keep up with it? Not this mamma! Before having Francesco, I used to do my own nails every other week. Sadly, those days are long gone. For a while I was doing no nail polish and my hands looked sad and pathetic.

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I had seen Color Street Nails around for a while but honestly forgot to give them a try and was a bit skeptical. OMG—I did not know what I was missing! The pros of color street include- no drying time, perfect nails in minutes, fun colors and styles, the price, they last 1-3 weeks (depending on maintenance), and it comes off with regular polish remover.

I’ve finally given them a try and have used 3 different sets. They range from $10-13 and each pack comes with 2 hand strips in them. Since my nails are shorter, I can get away with using 1 strip for both hands. You will always have a few nail strips left over (some people use these on their toes, but I haven’t). There are a few youtube videos to show you how best to apply them but it’s so easy once you get the hang of it! Walmart and a few other brands are cheaper, so I recommend practicing with those if you’re nervous to start with these. I’m much better at applying the glitter ones than the solids A clear coat over them isn’t needed but does hide imperfections from application. I usually add clear coat once a week to make them last longer. This is my favorite top coat!

They do have a website where you can purchase them but it also helps to know a rep so that you can discuss the colors and get insight/tips. If you don’t know anyone who sells it, let me know and I can include you in the one I joined!

Long Lashes

I’m a lover of long thick lashes. Not so much a fan of fake lashes, and while lash extensions sounds great, I've heard several horror stories about them. I'm fortunate enough to have longer eyelashes but am always trying to get them thicker and longer naturally. I decided to try some lash primer and am loving it for those days I just want a little bit *extra*. I've started out with Lancome but will probably try a few different brands that are a bit more affordable. 


Also, I like to apply castor oil to my lashes at night a few times a week to help promote growth. It really does work and is so inexpensive to do! Highly recommend trying before spending hundreds on lashes and extensions. 


Rosemary Essential Oil

Kind of related to my previous obsession, I’ve been using rosemary essential oil on my hair and lashes. I put a few drops in my bottle of Drybar prep spray that I use every day as well as in my mascara. Obviously hair takes a long time to grow but I have noticed a lot of new growth in my hair and my lashes are in tip top shape! All you need are a few drops in your mascara and hair products (depending on the size). Too much oil can suffocate your hair follicle so be sure to do your research! If used right, it can improve cellular generation and be just as effective as other hair treatments.


The Ordinary Caffeine Solution

This brand is so affordable and made with simple ingredients. I’m happy I stumbled upon this caffeine solution becase my under-eye area was becoming unusually dry and dark. This has definitely helped moisturize, brighten and smooth! My eyes still suffer because... full time working mom life… but I definitely feel like this stuff brightens and refreshes things. With allergies starting to kick in, I love to use my mini jade roller to rub it in. It helps cool my itchy eyes and makes me feel so much better!

And that’s it! I’m linking what I can below. If you have any questions, let me know! Nearly all of my beauty products are from Ulta or Sephora— I love them both! Right now, the Sephora sale allows you to shop at a discount until May 6th and if you are a VIB, you can get early access to the sale with code HEYROUGE. Also check out this post with all my skincare faves to stock up on!

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