Favorite Combo: Leopard & Red


Happy Friday!

Finally the week is over. Well unless you’re a CPA, then the week is almost over. We've started working Saturdays so I'll be working 6 days a week from now through April. It gets a bit crazy and the weather has not been helping! We've had negative 20 degree weather, black ice, freezing rain, strong winds and just overall gloomy weather. It's been days since we've seen the sun so really all I want to do is be in bed.

But making the work week a bit more fun is this skirt that I got on sale at Shein.com. They periodically have free shipping on any order with a percentage off so I snagged this skirt during their last promotion. Check the coupon codes listed at the top of the page to get the best deal. Leopard print is everywhere again and it makes me SO happy to see. And I almost always pair leopard with my red Gucci Soho Disco Bag. The two together make the perfect bold combo.

Also sharing these block heel booties I just got. They’re almost like a sock boot because they are tight and stretchy up top. They fit my skinny ankles better than most other boots and look perfect with a skirt! Highly recommend them if you need a pair of fancier booties. 

And that's my quick little post for the day. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 

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