Added to the Collection: LV Zipped Card Holder


Happy Monday!! It’s been a while since I’ve posted & I’ve had some fun things in the works but…. tax season is happening.

Anyways… I was fortunate enough to get a few gift cards for Christmas and took some time to deciding what to buy. Last year I used my gift cards to buy a David Yurman bracelet, which I wear every day and love so much. It was a splurge but it was fun to get something that I normally wouldn’t buy myself.

This year, I ended up going back and forth on what to get. I haven’t really posted much on here about my love for small leather goods, but OMG do I love them! They are practical and more everyday items that make life a bit more fun. So new to my SLG collection is the Louis Vuitton Zipped Card Holder.

It was tough getting this one! I first saw it about 2 years ago when I bought my Louis Vuitton Key Holder (which I highly recommend to anyone with a designer purse collection to help protect the inside of your bags). The sales associate was showing me some of their new goodies as my key holder was getting stamped, and this was one of them. Instantly, I knew that I’d want it one day. About 5+ years ago, I made the switch from a full size wallet to a card holder. Card holders usually have about 2-4 slots on them with an opening in the center for cash. This uniquely designed card holder fits more than a traditional one. It has 3 slots on the front, 2 on the back and a zippered pouch for cash, coins, and more cards. It’s dimensions are taller and thinner than the typical card case so it fits in small bags easily and efficiently.

So I decided to purchase it last month and reached out to Louis Vuitton. Their website says to call for availability and none of the stores nearby had it in stock. Customer service ended up tracking the last one down at a store in Florida. I had it shipped to me (which was a bit of a nightmare) but eventually it made its way here.

I’ve been using it for several weeks and have nothing but great things to say about it. It’s so much better than my old card cases which were a bit bulky and didn’t hold any of my gift cards or coupons. The color of it is absolutely gorgeous and the little tassel is such a nice touch. It's super durable, really well made and keeps me organized.

I was told they'll come back into stock eventually, but not for at least a few weeks. I highly recommend adding this to your list if you're in the market for a compact wallet. The price point is so much better than a full wallet and you don't have to switch things out to make it fit in smaller bags.