Fully Vested


Earlier this week we had some crazy warm here in Chicago, giving us a break from wearing our heavy winter jackets. In fact, a few days, all you needed were warm layers and no jacket at all. Pretty crazy for January weather!

Anyways, one of my resolutions is to buy less clothes and get creative with what’s in my closet. It’s a kind of hard goal because so many of my clothes are from pre-pregnancy and fit slightly different from how they used to. Even though I’m the same weight as before, my body is slightly wider/more curvy so I feel like a lot of things just fit slightly *off*.

So this vest is a little older, I got it as a gift a few years ago and it’s one of my favorite pieces in my closet. For some reason, I always forget I even have it! Which is silly because I have some great memories in it—I was wearing this the night Frank proposed!

Vests are just effortlessly chic and never go out of style. This look is REALLY comfortable and while I can’t link the exact vest, I’m sharing a few things that will give the same look and be just as comfy! These leggings also help suck everything in making this the perfect outfit for hiding that post-holiday cookie weight…

Now back to the freezing cold weather.


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