Added to the Collection: Cartier Love Bracelet

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OK... now this is something that I'm SO excited to share! Last week we did a little shopping on Rodeo Drive and I got the BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER... the Cartier Love bracelet!! I'm still on cloud 9 from our birthday trip last weekend and I can't stop staring at my wrist.


Our Experience

I've always been into purses and jewelry but this ring and bracelet combo has been at the top of my list for forever. Since we bought the house, are doing a ton of renovations and did a bigger birthday trip than normal, I figured we weren't going to do birthday gifts this year. Frank has heard me talk about this bracelet non-stop for a long time and actually suggested getting in California so it had a special meaning behind it (and probably so that he doesn't have to hear about it or stare at pictures of it anymore). And boy, was he so right! Our trip was amazing and now, looking at my wrist just takes me back to all the wonderful memories.

Like I said, I've always had my eye on Cartier, but my obsession for the love collection heightened when they came out with the thinner bracelet and ring. While I absolutely LOVE the original versions, I'm pretty petite and have always been into dainty jewelry. Especially since their jewelry is made of solid gold and to be worn 24/7, having the heavier pieces worried me a bit. The thinner bracelet also has the advantage of having one crew and one hinge (as opposed to 2 screws on the regular version). This makes it so much easier to take off in a pinch if really needed.

Cartier as a brand is top notch. Frank and I say it all the time, in terms of customer service, there really isn't anyone that compares to them. It doesn't matter how big or small your purchase is (or if you are just there for a cleaning/to try on everything you're lusting over), they make every customer feel special. Before we walked into the store, I told Frank that if the sales people weren't as nice as the ones in Chicago, then I wouldn't buy it out there. But our rep, George, was just as awesome as everyone out here! He was so excited that I came in to buy the thinner bracelet and asked me to model the small nail bracelet, which they had just gotten shipments of that morning. I know I've said it before, but if you plan to buy anything from the brand, go into the store vs. buying online because it is quite the experience.  


One Week Review:

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I'm happy with getting the thinner bracelet because you definitely do feel it on you. Especially at night when you take all your other jewelry off and the bracelet stays on, it's a little weird at first. But the thin love bracelet is probably less noticeable so I've already forgotten about it. It does scratch but that also happened to my ring so I expected that. It's pretty sad when it starts getting marked up but from afar, you can't tell. Cartier offers free cleaning where most of the small marks become unnoticeable. They also recommend that every 5-10 years you get it re-polished, which restores it to almost new condition. This isn't recommended often because it does take a very thin layer of gold off the top.  

All in all, having the duo is a dream come true and I feel so fortunate to have gotten it for my 30th birthday! I feel pretty a peace with my purse and jewelry collection, which is perfect timing given all the house projects we will have on our hands...

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