We're Moving!


I've been pretty terrible at getting in a routine of blogging and posting but now I can finally share why! First it was tax season and then it was the fact that we started to house hunt. We currently live in a townhouse that's new construction and really nice but doesn't offer much space for Francesco to run and play. Now that he's 16 months old, he wants to be outside running around but since we live on a busy street with no yard or fence, it just isn't possible. Plus, we only have 2 bedrooms so no room for our family to grow much. 

The housing market currently isn't the most ideal to shop in. But desperate times call for desperate measures. We had a really hard time finding a house that wasn't super outdated and that had an open floor plan. Nearly all the houses around here are split levels, colonials or Georgian style homes or just out of our budget. Houses are selling so quick in this market and a lot of them are going for over ask. It's crazy how quickly you have to make an offer on a house even at the inflated prices.

After months of searching, we finally found the perfect home! It has plenty of room for our family to grow and so many fun projects that Frank and I are excited (and stressed) about. It's in a good school district, which was important to us, close to family, has a fenced in yard and is only 3 street lights away from where we currently live. Not much of our routine will have to change which is so nice! 

We'll be fixing up a lot in the home but plan to take our time doing so. We are making some changes right away, prior to moving, and then maybe fix the rest up over the next year or so. I certainly have a lot of work to do but the bones of this house are so solid that at least we can live there as is until we get around to making changes to match our style. So the house may be a little mismatched for a while but we have a plan in place! I may be a little too preoccupied to post regularly, but I'll try to share things as we transform our rooms. I never really got to post pictures of our current home, but I'll try to be better with the next one!

So that's our exciting news for this week! And perfect timing because I turn 30 next week and Frank turns 35 a week after that. Happy early birthday to us!


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