Cali Birthday Trip

Frank and I were fortunate enough to take our first baby free vacation in years, last August for our birthdays. Parenting shakes up your world and creates a routine that doesn't allow for much quality time. It takes a lot more effort for date nights! Our birthdays are a week apart and we were celebrating turning 30 & 35, so it seemed like the perfect time for a getaway together. We had our first AirBNB experience (it was interesting), and got to check out some fun new things together. Of course it was hard to be away from Francesco, and by the end of the trip, we were so ready to get back home to him.

Today I’m rounding up of all my favorite outfits and places we ate/visited on our trip. A lot of what I packed I bought over the few months leading up to our trip, so I may not be able to link the exact items but will share similar looks. It’s taken me a while to post this because of our move and my tax extension deadlines. Now that summer is over, vacation season is in, and a lot of these looks are perfect for upcoming trips! And I apologize in advance for the long post… we did a lot in 4 days!


Night 1

This maxi romper is one of my favorite looks because it's flattering and comfy. We actually had issues getting into our AirBNB on time, so thank goodness I packed this little number in my carry on. We had dinner reservations at The Ivy, which is known to be a celeb favorite, so I definitely needed to have on more than my Lululemon leggings from the plane ride.  This dress is by Speechless, which is no longer available but I'm linking similar styles. I paired it with some Stuart Weitzman silver jelly sandals and my LV Damier Azur Speedy.

The Ivy had amazing food and we were so lucky to be seated on the outdoor patio, it was beautiful during sunset. They greet you at the door with a glass of champagne and also give you a bag of delicious cookies before you leave. Highly recommend a visit to all!

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Day/Night 2

This was our pool day. Our AirBNB was in a canyon that overlooked Beverly Hills & most of LA. The Santa Ana haze was in full swing but it was still a peaceful and gorgeous day for us to enjoy outside.

Before going on our trip, I had made a reservation at SUR. Frank and I love watching Bravo TV so we wanted to check out at least one of Lisa Vanderpump’s spots on our trips. I fell in love with this Free People jumpsuit and new that I wanted to wear it to dinner with my red Gucci. It was so fun and perfect! SUR is located in boys-town so there’s a lot of fun and eccentric fashion in that area. The restaurant was much smaller than what we expected but this was the case for nearly everything in LA. The food was pretty good and moderately priced compared to other restaurants and the drinks were yummy!

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Day/Night 3

sia mia malibu.JPG

This was my absolute favorite day! We literally had ZERO plans, we just woke up and decided to head wherever we felt like going (and wherever traffic took us). I put on this super cute and comfy crop top and skirt set and hoped it worked for the day ahead!

Frank didn’t have many must-do activities for our trip but he did want to drive along the Pacific Coast Highway. Everyone we spoke to urged us to just see how traffic was before we decided to take it too far (like to Santa Barbara or further North) so we decided to get to Malibu first and go check that out. It was so fun to see the views, houses, and etc. We drove the whole way up in awe. We made our way to Nobu and didn’t even know if it was open or not but the valet was taking cars so we hopped out, waited at the pier and checked out the scenery. Once they opened the doors, the host seated us at table overlooking the water (Frank may have told her it was our birthday weekend). Regardless, were SO lucky to get a table up front and OMG did the experience just get so enhanced. Hands down the best lunch ever. We didn’t even look at the menu much, we just told our server to bring out the top dishes people ordered. I already dream of going back for the food! Sharing pictures of our meal below because it was so beautiful and delicious.

After that we went home and changed into casual outfits and continued to just drive around! We parked and walked all of Hollywood Blvd (which was actually down the street from our AirBNB), then we drove to explore all of Pasadena (one of my favorite towns) to eat an early dinner, and finished our day at Universal Studios to grab coffee and dessert at City Walk. It was a long, but eventful day! We truly experienced a lot of my favorite “California” things in one day.

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Day/Night 4


This day was also amazing, and a wonderful way to end our trip. First off, this outfit was one of my favorites, and it’s on major sale! We went to Rodeo Drive in the morning and shopped. I got my Cartier LOVE bracelet (shared the story about this purchase here). Rodeo is one of my favorite places ever. This was my second time here and it felt just as special as the first visit. When you walk down the streets it’s so grand and gorgeous, almost like all the movies or shows you watch don’t even do it justice. And maybe it’s just me, but seeing all of my favorite stores and knowing famous movies like Pretty Woman and etc. were filmed there, just makes me so excited.

Afterwards, we packed up our bags so we could get up and head to the airport early the next day. For lunch, we took a drive to In-N-Out Burger and ended back by Universal Studios. Frank had never been to Universal Studios and since we had seen a glimpse the night before, we both were in the mood to check out the whole park. Plus, by this point we were missing Francesco so much that seeing all the Minions reminded us of him (Despicable Me is one of his favorite movies). It was a nice way to end the trip and made us ready to get back home!

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Here are more pictures from our trip: