Francesco Turns 2!


Francesco is officially 2 years old!

For some reason this birthday is hitting me harder than his 1st. I know there are a lot of changes ahead and that’s probably why. My baby is now a toddler and it feels like the past 2 years have flown by. We’ve all heard of terrible twos, and while we’ve started to see traces of that, we’ve also seen how remarkably fast he’s learning and growing! This past year has been a whirlwind, especially because I didn’t track things monthly. But I did want to share a few things about life with a one year old.


More Naps or No Naps

It seems that we’re lucky Francesco still enjoys taking 2 longer naps a day. We’ve been waiting for this to stop, and he’s had a few days where he’ll skip them but usually I can get him down for both. What’s nice is he can give cues to being tired (rubbing his eyes, throwing things & being destructive). It makes it a bit easier than babies because they are a bit more unpredictable. Sometimes he has to cry it out in his crib, but generally he likes being in his crib even if it’s just to relax, babble to himself and recharge a bit. For a while we were getting two 2-3 hour naps a day, that was magical. Now we get about an hour nap in the morning and a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon.


No Place Is Safe

Francesco went from crawling to walking, running, climbing. Literally nothing in the house is safe. Baby proofing cabinets, hiding all valuables/breakables, and any dangerous or sharp items. I see toddler “weapons” everywhere. Making sure you put things away or our of reach is so important. He is sneaky and quick. Boys are messy, destructive and know how to find the sharpest object in the room to cause some damage. He also tries to be a daredevil so he tends to bump his head a lot from not having the best balance, but he’s learning!


Feeding Time

He's a good eater, for the most part. He really only likes to eat 1-2 "big" meals a day, the rest of the day he kinds of takes little bites here and there. On top of that, he’s a pretty healthy eater! Loves to eat eggs, almost any kind of fruit, veggies, pasta. He does love his cookies and chocolate, too. He doesn’t like to sit in his high chair unless you play a video to distract him. We usually take his bowl away from him because he’ll throw his leftover food once he’s full. He also prefers to use his fingers to eat instead of utensils (because those are way more fun to throw on the ground and make a noise). He drinks a few bottles of milk a day, but constantly asks for more…

Chitter Chatter

When we went for our 18 month checkup, he wasn’t saying many words. We weren’t concerned because he understood directions we would give him and could pick up on things we were saying. It was bothering me though because I know so many kids who talked at an early age! In the past two months, Francesco went from knowing only a few words to knowing most of his ABCs in order, the names of all vehicles, colors, animals, and how to count to 10. His mind is a sponge, so if you have a toddler in the same boat— don’t worry. All it takes is a few words and then they’ll be learning machines!

Other Fun Stuff

We try to take Francesco to the Children’s museum every few weeks. He seems to really enjoy being around other kids and we don’t have many for him to hang out with since he’s the 1st grandchild on both sides. For his birthday this year, we are getting him a membership to the zoo so he can explore a new place and be outside (his favorite). We also enrolled him in daycare/early preschool so he gets to have structure, more social interaction and enjoy a learning environment. I’m so excited for him!

What’s To Come

Mr. Independent will have so many new experiences to look forward to this next year:

  • He can sit forward facing in his car seat, which is great because he is so tall!

  • We are transitioning to sippy cups only. He should have stopped about a year ago, but we all have our vices!

  • He now needs his own seat on an airplane, to sporting events, can eat his own meal on the kids menu without wasting as much, etc.

  • He’s going to start potty training (finally please, we are tired of diapers!).

  • Potty training means no more onesies (this one is SO sad to me).

  • He’ll learn to communicate better, especially learning that he has an opinion to share.

  • He’ll switch to a big boy/toddler bed soon and get a big boy room (tear).

  • We enrolled him in early preschool this fall, which will help with learning and development, especially social skills.

Of course there’s a lot more in store for us, but these are some of the ones we are looking forward to.

And that’s a bit of where we’ve been and where we will go. Motherhood is my biggest dream come true and I’m so lucky to have this little boy in my life. I hope that he always knows how special he is to so many people & that this next year is even better than the last!

Happy Birthday, Bello!