Added to the Collection: Moschino

SiaMia Moschino.PNG

A few years ago, I took a trip to NYC with my best friend and our moms. While out there we stopped at Henri Bendel and loved to see all the different designers that are carried in their flagship store. Almost instantly, I spotted a navy blue Moschino bag (and so desperately wished it was black) and have been obsessed with these bags ever since!

My purse collection had been missing a black bag in it, so I knew I wanted to find something different. I just so happened to be browsing the internet and stumbled upon this black Moschino bag on sale and fit almost all of my wish list! The detailing on these bags are always eye catching and beautiful to me. The size is about the same as my red Gucci, which is perfect. I'm not usually one for impulse purchases, and didn't really consider this to be one because I have been searching for about 5 years now for the style I would want. The price tag was just an added bonus! 

Fun fact- During my last trip to Italy I searched high and low for a black Moschino bag. It's nearly impossible to find because most stores only carry the Love Moschino collections, which I'm not a fan of. The same is true out here. Black Moschino bags tend to be harder to find in the styles I prefer.

I'm definitely at purse peace (for now) and am so happy to support one of my favorite Italian designers! 

Sharing a few photos of how I styled it for date night with Frank this past weekend. And I'm also linking the exact bag below (still on sale, only a few left) and some others that are super adorable! 

Outfit Details Here: