Francesco Turns 1!

Photos by: Kara LeeAnn Photography

Photos by: Kara LeeAnn Photography

I've been so busy with work lately that it's been hard to sit and write, but this is a special day for us and I wanted to share. Today, we celebrate Francesco's 1st birthday and I'm feeling super emotional reaching this milestone. In my eyes, he is still a newborn baby and we just left the hospital with him. The reality is he gets bigger and smarter each day and these moments with him are flying by, right before my eyes. It's an incredible journey to watch him grow, learn and explore. Even on our most exhausting of days, he brightens things up with his sweet hugs and kisses! Today is a day to reflect upon the past year and remember the day we first met.

This time last year, I was in the delivery room . I had been induced the night before he was born (my due date) because a stress test had indicated his heartbeat was irregular. They had me go home, grab my bags, and get to the hospital. Francesco was an active baby in my belly, but he suddenly had slowed down his movements. I thought he just wanted out, the doctor thought maybe he was bumping into his umbilical cord and scaring himself. Either way, I was nervous.

Because of his heartbeat and the fact that I wasn't dilated at, they needed me to labor for a while on my own. I woke up at 7 am with contractions but they were manageable. After 2 hours, I asked for an epidural as the pain was starting to annoy me. I still wasn't dilated and the baby's heartbeat wasn't strong enough to handle it, so no dice. After another hour, I was walking around and nearly passed out- a nurse came to grab me before I hit the floor. After that I laid down and my water broke. There were signs of meconium so they evaluated for an emergency C-Section. Since I was dilated to a 4, they decided to wait and give the epidural. I needed to be extra hydrated so the baby's heart could take it. I remember those 30 minutes were the worst... I had dilated to an 8 so quickly while getting the epidural (which you need to sit real still for), it was terrible. Once the epidural kicked in, life got better and they told me to relax. By the time I was rested and calmed down, I was dilated past a 10... 10 pushes and 15 minutes later, he was out! He came out blue and purple because his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. It was very scary but all ok in the end! 

Fast forward to today- we have an (almost) walking, crawling, talking, playing, singing, laughing little boy. He's goofy, smart and loved by all! I'm sharing pictures from him 1 year photoshoot. I had so much fun coming up with this idea. First, we tried to do Ferrari pictures (the theme of his birthday party) but he decided to be deathly afraid of the camera for that. I was initially going to to do a cake smash in his birthday theme, but Francesco is an Italian boy through and through. His face lights up with pasta so I had a feeling that letting him dig into a plate of it would be priceless to see. I am so glad that the carbs distracted him from his fear of the camera and that Kara was able to capture my vision so perfectly! 

And so in honor of Francesco... Happy Birthday, my baby boy! I hope that this next year treats you well! Mamma & Papa love watching you grow!