Pops of Pink & Gucci

pink and gucci.JPG

So I finally caved and bought the Gucci belt that is everywhere. I've wanted it since July/August, maybe longer, but really am not a jean or belt person. But now chasing after the baby + our new casual dress policy at work had me invest in some nice new jeans. I now gravitate to them more than my dresses and leggings. 

By the time I decided to bite the bullet, I learned how hard it is to track these things down! But the Gucci store in Chicago managed to snag one and ship it to me and I have been LOVING this purchase! 

The sizing was really hard to figure out, but after talking to about 10 different Gucci sales associates, I ended up with a size 80. And I probably could have gone with a 75, but I'd rather it be bigger than too tight. I also went with the thin one because I'm petite and the larger belt looks and feels like too much on me.

Now that I have it, I look for any excuse to wear it. This outfit has pretty much been my go to lately. My top is free people and is so soft and comfortable and the color just makes me so happy... plus it matches my Fuji nail polish and the pink lining of my LV key holder. I ran errands in this outfit this weekend and would probably wear it every day this week if it were socially acceptable... Also wearing my MOTHER jeans and Cole Haan booties (sold out but linking similars below).

For anyone who may be on the fence about this belt, I highly recommend it. It's a great addition to any casual outfit and just feels a little luxurious. The Gucci store has told me that they expect new shipments to come out around April for this particular style. 


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