Just a Little Update on Life...


I've mentioned before how I love my job; I'm a CPA and get to visit clients regularly and work with some of the best people. But I'd be lying if I said busy season didn't take a toll on me! I also prepare tax returns, so during tax season, I work Monday-Saturday from February-April. It's pretty much mandatory, but even if it wasn't, my workload is so hefty that I would need to do that anyways.

I've also been working super hard on the weekends to make decorations and plan Francesco's 1st birthday party. I bought a Cricut machine over the holidays and I'm LOVING all the DIY projects I've done so far. But I still have a lot to do before his party in 5 weeks, and since I only have 1 day a week off, I know that time will fly by.

Instead of getting stressed out about how much is on my to do list, I like to prioritize the things that are most important. I really try to make sure that when I'm not at work, I spend quality time with Frank and the baby, recharging my batteries, and taking care of things around the house. I don't get many opportunities to sit down and write (sorry for not being on my A+ blog game)! 

I also like to make plans for fun things after busy season is over. So far I have signed up for Corepower Yoga, which I've never done before but am excited to try! Since pregnancy and motherhood have put my body through the ringer, I am so excited to get my posture in line, practice better breathing techniques and stretch. 

But the biggest perk of tax season ending and the best thing to look forward to is that the weather will finally warm up! That means running outside, wearing pretty dresses and just getting some fresh air. Sharing a little flashback to an outfit I wore in Florida on my last trip, hoping to wear it a lot in the spring!  

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