Skincare Favorites


Turning 30 this year was a big wake up call… for my skin. During my teen years, I never had a acne or big breakouts. Oh, what I would do to go back to the days when one minuscule pimple was the end of the world to me! After having Francesco, I learned what hormonal acne was & now that I'm 30, I've also gotten hit with 30-something acne as well. Frustrated by the fact that I'd get painful cystic acne, I'd go to the dermatologist in tears. She'd prescribe topical creams, maybe an oral medication & one time even had to do a shot of cortisone because I had a really painful cyst in my forehead. I'm pretty natural when it comes to my makeup routine so I hated having to do anything but was so scared to death of scarring. Feeling trapped, I started trying different products to see if I could turn things around on my own.

I was noticing that not even the most high-end makeup in the world could cover pale, dry, flaky & broken out skin. I needed a major revamp to my skincare routine and I needed it fast. I've tried everything from my dermatologist’s drug store recommendations to Chanel's ridiculously expensive skincare line. And finally, I’ve reached a point where my skin is healthy, hydrated & glowing. So today, I’m sharing my top 3 holy grail products & my routine.

I want to point out that I am NOT a skin expert, but I’ve done a lot of experimenting to turn my own skin around & wanted to share for anyone going through a similar experience. It’s a bit shocking to go from pretty clear skin to scary cystic breakout and have no clue on how to fix it! What I’ve learned is that you have to experiment a lot and that good skincare is an investment.


I start my morning by splashing my face with cold water and assessing my “problem” areas. If my skin looks dry and dull, I spray it with this brightening toner and use this moisturizer. The brightening products help make my skin more even as pregnancy caused some hyper-pigmentation. Then, if I have a few acne spots to clear up, I dab a little of this treatment on it. The spot treatment has been a HUGE help with my cystic acne & is something I can’t live without.


My evening routine is definitely a bit longer so that I can really get all my makeup off and treat my face right. I wash my face with this cleanser first. Both Cetaphil and CeraVe are highly recommended by my dermatologist. I personally do not get too excited about these brands, but they are cheaper and help take the majority of my makeup off so that my more expensive products aren’t wasted and work more effectively.

After washing with a basic cleanser, I use this as a second cleanser. Sunday Riley has been the BEST thing for my skin. I started out by only buying trial sizes of the products because they’re an investment. Now I’m past the honeymoon phase & know that they definitely work for my skin so I buy the bottles during Sephora sales to get the best deal on them.

After using both cleansers, I do the same thing as my morning routine & respray my face with this brightening toner and also put a little more of this treatment on my acne spots. I also like to treat my under eye area with this cream. Lastly, I use this holy grail all-in-one treatment on my face and neck. Sunday Riley is my go-to line at this point and paired with the Murad spot treatment, the combo is unparalleled to anything else I’ve ever used!

My top 3 products that I can’t live without from above are:

  1. Sunday Riley Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment

  2. Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser

  3. Murad Rapid Relieve Acne Spot Treatment

I do use a few other products such as face masks, jade rollers to de-puff my skin, castor oil to lengthen my eyelashes, etc. but these are my favorite products and the ones I really use routinely. Sharing additional links to my favorite products below.

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