Matching with my BFF


My best friend (Rosie, aka. The Stylish Sicilian) kicks off the holiday season with a wonderful Christmas party each year for our group of girlfriends. This year, we thought it would be fun to match each other, because… why not?! Everything is just better together! Plus, we both have this Free People Tunic that we LOVE. I actually love it so much, I bought it in 2 different colors (and sizes). I wore this tunic a ton during pregnancy (size M) & now post-pregnancy I really wanted it in my normal size (XS).

This shirt is hard to find because it’s been on major sale for a few months now. So to get the color I wanted, I actually had to go on Poshmark and buy it. On the plus side, I got it for a super good deal and less hassle than trying to run to different stores to find it in my size. I love that you can use the app to find things you’ve seen in the store after they’ve sold out. It came brand new with tags from a highly rated seller & was in pristine condition as if I bought it from the store.

I know I’ve raved about Poshmark before but I can’t say enough great things about it. I sell anything I don’t wear on there & save the extra money for my luxe purchases or when I really need a new wardrobe. Shipping is paid for by the buyer, all of it is tracked & USPS even provides boxes for free on their website/in store. I’m happy to help anyone who had questions. Use the code ‘SANZERIA’ to join and you’ll get $5 to spend & feel free to follow me here!

Sharing pictures of us matching & a picture of me during pregnancy with it on as well. Please also note the pictures we attempted to take with our boys. Francesco clearly didn’t want anything to do with pictures and just wanted to run & play. I can’t wait for our boys to grow up and *hopefully* be best friends like we are (afterall, our moms are best friends, too!).