Christmas Pictures 2018


Happy Friday! Today I’m jumping on quickly to share our Christmas pictures to Francesco.

For Black Friday this year, my biggest purchase was a new camera. I‘ve always been the girl who hates using a cell phone for pictures and all throughout high school, college & after, I have almost ALWAYS had a camera on me. I’m not super skilled so I’ve always used point & shoot style for compactness and simplicity. For 3+ years, I’ve had a Sony that was defective and have been forced to use my iPhone for everything. Since I‘ve always been a loyal Canon user (I got the Sony as a gift, so I rolled with it), I was SO excited to scope out a new camera I liked. So this year I got the Canon M100, which is a mirrorless camera and had a lens on it. It’s more compact than the DSLRs out there and is more basic but a step above point & shoot some. I’m still playing around with it, but wanted to try it out on Francesco’s Christmas pictures! These were some of the first images I have taken with the camera and I had to learn a lot about lighting, zoom, flash, manual settings, etc.

Frank and I decided not to be in the photos, simply because, it takes both of us to grab Francesco’s attention and make him sit long enough for a photo. The thought of having us in it and worrying about us all posing perfectly was just really unrealistic. I made the set on my own with some of the Christmas decor I had around the house and put enough stuff out to occupy Francesco’s attention so that he could have fun while I took pictures. My absolute favorite photo is the one of him making a goofy face with his big smile… that is so his silly & sweet personality! He makes me laugh all the time and I’m so glad I was able to capture these.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE hiring a photographer to take our photos professionally but I was a bit behind schedule in making an appointment, plus, it’s really hard to schedule a photo-shoot with a toddler who is constantly changing nap schedules, interests, etc. I figured if I did the photos myself, I could wait until he was in the most cooperative mood and it seemed to work out pretty well! And buying a new camera seemed like a better investment to capture our every day memories, not just the big ones a few times a year.

Anyways…. The outfit Francesco is wearing is ADORABLE. It was the first thing I’ve ever ordered from Children’s Place, which was another Black Friday deal. I was blown away by the quality and everything he is wearing came in a set (aside from the shoes). Linking the outfit below, which is only available at Wal-Mart but still on sale! We’ve learned this year that bow ties are ok, hats are not so this outfit was just perfect, and will be his Christmas outfit, too!

Shop Outfit Details Here: