Halloween 2018


It was a quick and easy Halloween celebration for us! Francesco had never been out trick or treating but he got the hang of it very quickly! Our stop at house #1 was so cute because his face lit up and he gasped with excitement when our neighbor told him he got to pick a piece of candy from his bucket. By the last house, he was a pro!  


Our only issue was that he was deathly afraid of his costume. We had even tried practicing by putting him in it over the weekend for short periods of time, he wouldn’t budge. But once we got him outside and he took the hat and gloves off, all his fears seemed to go away! By the end of the night he was saying “ruff ruff” to everyone who commented on his costume. Sharing some snaps below. His costume was 101 Dalmatians from the Disney store and was just too cute!

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