Friday Favorites

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Happy Friday! Just jumping on here really quick to share two of my favorite things from the week. 



First, I’m sharing Francesco’s outfit from yesterday because it was too adorable! I love his Adidas gym shoes and found a matching tracksuit on sale. Had to share it! I brought Francesco to his 18 month checkup and found out he’s in the 89th percentile for height! He went through a good a pretty big growth spurt but this tracksuit is pretty good for his tall but slender body. Highly recommend for anyone struggling to find their baby some good fitting clothes!

And sidenote: he has been so sweet all week and has actually let me style his hair! His curls are in full swing and boy, do they melt my heart.

Second, I’ve been on the waist list for this Louis Vuitton 16MM Strap for several months. I actually forgot I even put myself on the list until I got a call from the store! I had been feeling the urge to buy a new purse, but realized that’s pretty unnecessary and that what I really wanted was my Cartier bracelet. Social media is great, but bad for my wallet because I’m always seeing things I want! But I decided to get on the waist list for this strap for 2 reasons:

The first designer bag I ever bought was my LV Monogram Speedy 25. I was a Freshman in high school when I got it. The bag is such a good size but back then, there wasn’t an option to get the strap on it. Every time I see someone with the newer crossbody version, it kills me a little to know mine is sitting at home on a shelf! Since crossbody is my go to, I wanted the strap to help take advantage of what’s already in my closet.

Also, my most worn bag over the past few years has probably been my Monogram Favorite MM. I bought it on Rodeo Drive a few weeks after it debuted in 2013. So crazy to think I’ve had this bag for that long because it has maintained so well! My only hesitation on wearing it lately has been that the original vachetta strap is getting a bit “thin” (if that’s even the proper way to describe it). It just feels fragile—not fraying or broken or anything—but no longer stiff or structured. So I put this new strap on there and OMG my bag came back to life!

And although I’m not ready to share, we had some of our furniture delivered last weekend. This weekend we will be spending our time painting and fixing things up. Can’t wait to be done, organize our furniture and share some posts of our hard work!

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