Francesco: Months 7-12


In March, we celebrated Francesco's 1st birthday and I had been documenting what life was like each month. I never got around to posting it so now it's time for a super delayed update! Here's what the second half of the year looked like with our little guy:



Francesco made it to his first Blackhawks hockey game. Each month he has gotten more and more alert. Trying to mimic things people say, paying attention and watching the world around him. He's always been a thumb sucker, but now the pacifier really doesn't interest him anymore. Which is actually something I don't mind because I've heard horror stories of trying to wean your baby off the paci. He started sitting up and playing with things. He also loved being outside for walks, especially with the puppies at the grandparent's houses.


Happy Halloween from our little stinker! He made the cutest skunk for the holiday and even got to enjoy some candy. He also celebrated his first Thanksgiving with family and friends. We took family photos during this month which were way more challenging than I thought they would be, but so happy we did them. His obsession with legos came into full swing and it was nice to have him playing with things on his own. He has become the master of any controller in sight. He quickly learned to control the train around the Christmas tree at Nonno and Nonna's house and it was adorable. He can distinguish movies and his absolute FAVORITE movie, Storks, can calm him down from any bad mood instantly.  He would eat and chew on anything to try to get relief from teething, but still no teeth. We also went and painted pottery-- a plate for Santa's Christmas cookies and ornaments with hand prints for the grandparents. 


Another plane ride to Florida! This time Francesco headed down with 7 women to get a break from the cold Chicago winter. He was a good baby on vacation! He discovered his love for bread and avocados. More swimming time in the pool, he loved kicking his legs in the water! He did amazing on the plane, so well that the nice flight attendant gave him his first set of wings and a luggage tag for being so good. And of course, we celebrated our 1st Christmas with the little elf! He took the CUTEST Christmas card photos (which I still haven't shared). He was so spoiled for the holidays and loved eating different foods and sweets.


New year and learning new things! Francesco wanted nothing to do with crawling and everything to do with walking. Breastfeeding was a lot harder then because FINALLY a bottom tooth came out! So at this point we introduced formula for 3 feedings and still breastfed for the other 2. He would eat A TON, mostly hated baby food and wanted real consistency. He wanted to taste EVERYTHING that mommy and daddy ate. Usually, I added baby food to pancakes and cook them that way as a compromise. During this month he became super inquisitive, wanting to read a lot of books, listen to nursery rhymes and dance to music. Tummy time was unsuccessful but crucial so that he could gain balance to walk on his own. He's a little lazy at times (still is) and so forcing him to do anything isn't easy. The doctors told us that because he's so vocal that these skills were developing faster than the physical side- which is totally normal. Babies do what they want! 


This month was big in terms of developmental changes. Francesco learned how to point to what he wants, point to objects when you ask where they are, wave bye-bye, give kisses, etc. Because of this, he'd get very frustrated when he wanted to do something but couldn't on his own. He was more interested in crawling but still preferred walking with support. He also seemed to be even more agitated from teething. He gained 3 teeth back to back to back. And boy, was his mood harsh during those weeks! He was more interested in table food than baby food, so at this point we could feed him bread, pasta, chunkier fruits and veggies (still steamed of course), snacks to chew, etc. It's a lot easier to bring the baby out once they can eat table food. Napping gets a little hard around this stage but sleeping at night has never been a problem. I had heard a lot about sleep regression during teething but he seemed to avoid the fevers, sleepless nights and etc. Thank goodness! 



We have a blonde hair, blue eyed one year old! This was another pretty significant month in terms of development. With 4 teeth, he could eat almost anything which makes it so fun to see what he liked and disliked. Baby food was a no go... like at all. It took a lot of tricking to feed him a well balanced diet (he's a carb and sweets lover like Mamma). He also became fully mobile, taking some of his first steps right before his birthday. Right on time! It's incredible to see him being a little person, waving bye-bye on command, pointing to things that he wants, associating things together, and exploring the world around him. He became so interactive and smart, each day was so fun together! 


And that's how our first year with Francesco ended! It's sad to think he really isn't a baby anymore. Even now, at 15 months, I still look at him as if he was a little peanut and feel like he just got here. And even though time is moving so quickly, watching him grow and develop his personality is simply the best!