Date Night


We don't venture to the city too often, but we did last weekend for our 1 year anniversary. I thought it was going to be difficult since we went to eat at the restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel, but Francesco was super adorable at dinner! Everyone commented on how he looked like a little man and he loved smiling, waving and talking to everyone! Of course we also have a tradition of stopping at Nespresso in the city. And they LOVED him! Side note- we are addicted to their holiday flavors and wanted to get more before they sold out... if you are a Nespresso fan go get some! It was such a nice night out with my boys!

The Burberry shirt that Francesco is wearing is the first thing I bought while pregnant; right after I found out we were having a little boy! I had no idea that he would ever end up with blue eyes to match considering not many Italian babies end up with light hair and blue eyes! Also, FYI, I usually buy all of my Burberry baby clothes at Nordstrom Rack. If you can find one that gets decent inventory, it's good to catch their sales early to get an extra discount. But if waiting isn't your thing, I've link similar options below. Baby boys just look the best in Burberry! Also, Freshly Picked moccasins are THE BEST baby shoes. We have bought 2 pairs already. They are so easy to put on.

My outfit was purchased at Express. I got it on sale during the spring but never got around to wearing it because I was pregnant all fall and winter. It was nice to finally take the tags off! Linking similar outfits since my exact dress is no longer available.

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