What's in my Diaper Bag?


Packing a diaper bag seems like an easy task, unless you're a first time mom. I remember the first time I had to bring Francesco out... I ended up stuffing my diaper bag so much that I had to carry an extra bag with additional "in case of emergency" items that wouldn't fit. Hoping to spare other first time moms the same experience, I am sharing what I keep in my diaper bag. Of course, he is 11 months old right now, so what I have in there may be a little bit different than when he was a newborn, but I will try to explain things that have changed over time.



I'll start with the most obvious- diaper and wipes. At first I didn't know how many to bring, but over time, I have learned that babies really only go through about 6-8 dirty diapers a day. I'm pretty sure I used to have 10 diapers in my bag at all times. Before babies start eating food, they do have a lot more wet diapers and we used to change him more than we should have been (like 10 times a day). Now I keep anywhere from 4-6 diapers in my bag at a time and just make sure to always leave the house with him in a fresh diaper.

My favorite wipes are from Amazon, we use the sensitive ones and they don't break or dry out. I love the packs that have the plastic seal to keep them fresh since you don't use the wipes in your diaper bag as often. I hate replenishing my diaper bag, so I tend to keep extra supply in there and then just stock up every other week or so. 

I have a changing pad that came with my Burberry Diaper Bag, but I also have a few spares for traveling and in the car. They make changing him out in public easy and less disgusting! 



I always have a bottle and food with me. As a newborn, I read that breast milk can stay at room temp for up to 6 hours, so I would usually let it sit out on its own to avoid heating it up, and would time his bottles accordingly. I'd also bring bottles of 2 oz premixed formula ICE, so as not to waste any extra breast milk if I was out longer but he was hungry. Or sometimes, I would pump while out to get more milk for him (which was important to keeping my supply up). 

SIDE NOTE: Most people know that insurance typically covers an electric breast pump FOR free. Most people do not know that insurance will ALSO cover 1 manual breast pump. There were some times that I knew finding an outlet to pump while out would be difficult, so the manual pump came in handy and was in my diaper bag at all times! 

I plan to write a little bit about my breastfeeding journey eventually, but my supply dried up around 10 months. Now he only drinks Similac Pro Advance powder as he had a bad allergic reaction to other formulas (so scary!). And since he is over 6 months, we can give him water if he is really thirsty and he drank all his milk.  

I now carry 1-2 bottles/packets of food since he's super picky about what he eats, so he needs to have options. I love the spoons that have a carrying case to keep things from getting messy in my bag, so I always have one of those. I also pack yogurt puffs or some type of snack with me. Also, I always have either a bib or burp cloth on me in case things get super messy.

SIDE NOTE: Make sure you read the label on your snacks; a lot of them only have a shelf life of 7 days after the bag is opened. So use it or lose it! Read the labels carefully and clean your snack packs out accordingly.



Babies are messy, but not as bad as I thought (or maybe it's just my child). I really only bring 1-2 extra outfits with me. When he was younger, I'd pack 2-3 but honestly, there were only a few times where he went through THAT much clothing in a day. Most of the time, I don't even have to change him, and the spare outfit in my bag never gets used. But if a big spill did happen, I always keep stain remover and extra clothes just in case.

Since we live in Chicago and are cold more than we are warm, I have a hat, sweater, extra socks  and a hat during the colder months, but even that doesn't always make it out the door with us. We don't worry too much about jackets for him because his car seat has a cover on it with fleece lining and he's usually too hot in it. This will most likely change once we have him in his convertible car seat, and he needs an actual jacket.



Francesco is easily amused, so luckily, he doesn't require too many toys. He loves his rings and caterpillar. These just stay looped on his car seat. We attach some teethers to his rings and he loves those the most (the banana is his favorite thing ever). We also keep a sound machine on his car seat for when he takes naps. Once he transitions to his convertible car seat, I doubt we will bring more than 1-2 smaller toys out with us. He loves music, so usually I can turn lullabies on my phone and he will stay pretty calm.

I used to carry a ton of different pacifiers with me, but he really only liked the ones with the animals attached. Now he's over all his paci's, so we don't need them, but they make for a good toy too!



The extras that I keep are disposable bags for his dirty diapers (the Arm & Hammer ones are the best). I keep a bag for any dirty clothes which has come in handy a few times. I also keep handy some sanitizer, tissues, pacifier/toy wipes, vaseline/diaper cream, mini hairbrush (his hair gets out of control), baby blanket, nursing/carseat cover (this is so great for travelling or if it gets windy out). 


And that's about it! Babies require a lot of stuff, and I probably still overpack my diaper bag. I keep a lot of this in my bag because it's helpful when Francesco is being watched by someone else during the week. I would rather they have more than less.

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