Francesco: Months 1-6

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Francesco is one of the biggest reasons I wanted to start a blog. Being a new mom, I use the internet for a TON of research. There are so many perspectives, situations, and advice given from both new and experienced moms. I figured in order to give back to all the moms that have helped me in my moments of worry, I would try to shed some light on our experience in case someone else needs it.


Month 1

By far the hardest month, and that was with a child who slept 6 hours straight his first night in the hospital. It doesn’t matter when you are new to the parenting world; everything is exciting, hard and scary at the same time. Francesco was great in the hospital, discharged as a healthy baby. But at home I had a hard time getting him to latch and stay awake for feedings. At our first check up, they said it might be because he was slightly jaundice. A few days after that, he woke up one morning and was yellow. We rushed him to the hospital (because it was a Sunday) and we were told to feed him anything he would take- formula, breastmilk, pumped milk… whatever! We were also so sleep deprived even though he slept well at night, I had to make sure I woke him up every 3 hours to eat. Probably the scariest scenario but we worked really hard to get him back to normal asap. 


Month 2

I started seeing a lactation consultant after the jaundice was gone. Breastfeeding was painful and I had no clue what I was doing wrong. I would feed him for 50 minutes and he would still be starving. Lactation consultants are amazing and make life better… I had the best LC and she hinted that Francesco might have a posterior tongue tie that would probably be hard to diagnose. After being told by one ENT that he was perfectly fine, she encouraged me to find another ENT that was more specialized. One visit later, his tongue was snipped, he was feeding normally and the pain was all gone! Life got a whole lot easier because up until that moment, I would have to breastfeed for 15 minutes, pump for 15 minutes, feed him a bottle and do it all over again 2.5 hours later. Francesco gained weight more normally after that and I had more time enjoying life with him.


Month 3

Life got WAY better. Mainly because I felt human again. Francesco was sleeping through the night, minus a few days where he was having a growth spurt or when teething set in. It’s crazy because some days I felt like I would put him to bed, and when he would wake up in the morning he was able to do something new. It was one of the best months. I was still off work and just really got to “teach” him new things and enjoy my time with him. He was starting to repeat words back, play with things, roll over, and just felt like a less-fragile baby.


Month 4

Francesco went on his first airplane ride! We travelled to Costa Rica for my brother’s wedding. He did awesome! A little bit of crying on the plane but it was 6 hours in the air and we had a 5 hour delay on one of our flights. Everyone mentioned how great he was.  A lot of babies around this time can start eating baby food, but our pediatrician was pretty adamant not to get him started on that. This was my first month back at work and Francesco handled the transition to being watched very well. He’s a super happy baby so aside from not liking naps, he was happy to spend time with family!


Month 5

We caved and tried to let him experiment with food, but he hated it. At this point he was learning how to sit up on his own and be a little more independent. Still teething with no teeth and sleep regression hit hard, which is hard for a working mom! The Merlin sleepsuit was the best thing to help us get back to 10+ hours of sleep at a time. He loved jumping in his jumperoo and I loved having something I could put him in and interact with him more. We also went to Florida so he got to go in the water for the first time and liked it! By his 2nd vacation, he was a travelling pro. We brought a bassinet on the plane and he slept nearly the whole flight, both ways. People were saying they didn’t even know a baby was on board!


Month 6

Breastfeeding started slowing down a little bit at this point, which was difficult. But FINALLY, he started eating food! It was like he woke up and suddenly liked to eat. Still no teeth even though he had been teething since 2.5-3 months. I started working with a lactation consultant again and adding power pumping sessions to the routine. Aside from that, Francesco’s personality was really starting to develop by having preferences to things, playing with toys, always “talking”, babbling, laughing and being goofy. He gets more and more fun each day!

And there’s my recap! Honestly, we have pretty easy baby. I'd say he hit all of his milestones either on time or early and had most of his mental leaps according exactly to the "wonder weeks" timeline (download the app or read about it online), it's super helpful to understand how their brain works and develops! Francesco is now 9 months old and beats to his own drum, so we’re working on a bunch of new things with him. I plan to share another update after the 1 year mark.

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