Holiday Decor

living room.jpg

I know the holidays have passed and this post it delayed, but I was boxing up my Christmas decorations and wanted to do a post on my favorite Christmas gift this year.

Santa was really good to me, he brought me the Prada sign that I had been wanting for forever! I had my eye on it in Z Gallerie and thought it would go so well with my couch (I have the Vapor Chaise Sectional from there). I was a big Gossip Girl fan and lusted for the Prada sign that was in that show! Plus fashion artwork has been so popular lately that the reminder was constantly in my face. So I broke down and sent Santa my wishlist with only that on it!

Each day I come home from work so happy to see my sign hanging above the couch. Definitely one of my absolute favorite gifts! 

I am linking a few items from my house. Most of my decor is from Home Goods so I am adding similar items to what I have. My style is slightly modern and chic, with neutral colors (I love my white walls). I am pretty minimal with my home decor because I hate clutter and am all about clean lines. The less to clean and dust, the better!