Celebrating with Cartier!


Today, Frank and I are celebrating one year of marriage! Life for us has moved at a pretty fast pace, so since we never had a traditional wedding ceremony (at least not yet), we held off on getting wedding bands. 

As we reached the milestone of our 1 year anniversary, we wanted to do something special and decided it would be the perfect occasion to buy wedding bands. I'll start by saying, I am a huge money saver and I spend a good amount of time researching what I like/want so I can make an educated decision. This purchase was slightly more narrowed down since I was going between either the matching band, mixing with an infinity band, or going for the Cartier love ring. I have wanted the Cartier love ring for basically forever; so when I was comparing other options vs. Cartier, I just couldn't shake the idea of getting what I really wanted vs. being traditional. Not to mention, after price comparing, it was the least expensive option!

Let me also say, I have a platinum engagement ring but was 99.9% sure I wanted a band in yellow gold. I always hated the idea of mixed metals, but I noticed a few years ago that it would deter me from wearing so much of my favorite jewelry and decided to stop worrying about "matching". I have been big on mixing metals ever since.

I also knew that there were 2 versions of the love ring-- the wedding band and the classic love ring. The wedding band is much thinner and doesn't sit as raised on your finger. My hands basically stopped growing in 5th grade so my fingers are super tiny (hello size 4.5 fingers) and my wrists are so tiny (sometimes I have to buy kids jewelry so things fit). I have always been into dainty rings and jewelry because anything too large just looks overpowering. So the wedding band version was a no brainer for me. And I wasn't into the idea of adding diamonds to the band, because (to me) the whole point of having a love ring is to see the "screw" markings. Plus when you have a baby, having less diamonds to clean is a totally plus for me!

So we went to Chicago and we had the best experience there! I've been a long time Tiffany's girl, so going to another high end jeweler was new for me. I've got to say, I was blown away. We were helped right away, even with it being the weekend before Christmas and there being a decent crowd in the store. Our sales lady was so sweet; she really emphasized how special of a moment this was, took photos for us (posted us on her own Snapchat), gave us the history of Cartier, the symbol of what the love ring stood for, explained care, short term and long term maintenance, and then boxed everything up beautifully with cleaning supplies and all. She definitely elevated the whole experience for  us. The experience was just as perfect as my ring!

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